5 Reasons to Build a Barndominium Home

Are you considering a Barndo? Great choice! Come explore (at least) 5 reasons to build a Barndominium home with All Weather Renovations!

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Why Are So Many Folks in West Georgia and the Greater Atlanta area exploring the possibility of building a barndo home? You might have your own reasons, and they’re all surely great! From what we’ve been hearing from great current and potential homeowners just like you, here are the top 5 reasons everybody wants to build a Barndominium as either a primary home, secondary home, or vacation home!

Top 5 Reasons to Build a Barndominium Home

1) Stability

Whether you’re looking to build a forever home, or you just need to build a for-right-now home, Barndo’s offer best-in-class stability for many reasons. From the structure of the framework to the return on your investment in the housing market, you’ll experience an unheard of stability when you choose to build a Barndominium. And if you’ve been around this industry for very long, you know that stability breeds profit, and profit breeds more stability, and so on! Needless to say, stability is one of the top 5 reasons to build a Barndominium home.

2) Durability

When you start with ultra-durable metal framing, you can really make your investment last. Barndominiums have taken the concept of metal framing for commercial and industrial buildings, and applied the heavy-duty construction choice to our beautiful, southern homes. It’s not an accident that on certain long drives through the country, you’re likely to see a historic barn or two still standing, nearly as strong as it was on the first day construction was completed. It’s even more impressive that this durability has happened with very little upkeep to the actual structure. Imagine how much more durable your barndo will be with your steady hands keeping it maintained!

3) Charm

If things like stability and durability were the only types of reasons for building your own barndo, there certainly wouldn’t be the same kind of appeal that there is in today’s market. But in all honesty, this entire discussion doesn’t even begin if people don’t find Barndominiums 50 shades of charming! Rugged, southern appeal on the outside, all the space and amenities you want on the inside; who wouldn’t want to live or stay in a unique, spacious house that lets you customize the inside completely to your own liking, and your own unique style?!

4) Flexibility

When we say flexibility, you probably start thinking about the nearly unlimited expansion options of a Barndo. And yes, that’s definitely part of the equation. Barndominium homes are some of the most versatile living structures on the market. It’s true! But one often overlooked aspect of Barndominium flexibility is in the fact that folks can often live in a separated section of the structure while the other sections are being built. So having unlimited flexibility for multiple aspects of a project, and for the entire duration of the project: that’s definitely one of the top 5 reasons to build a Barndominium home!

5) Return on Investment

If Barndos were on par with the typical square footage cost of a standard home in a nice subdivision, then you would consider it a good buy. But when you factor in the fact that (given your unique material choices, etc) you can build a Barndominium for a fraction of the cost that you’d build a standard home (especially when the price of lumber is so unpredictable), and you can ultimately rent it or sell it for maximum value, the return on your investment is worth every dime!

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